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March 19, 2017 12:03 pm

Educating People for Development

Definitely, education is the most important element for a country to develop and gain achievements. Education plays a significant role in the improvement of several fields.

Education is defined as obtaining knowledge. An individual with zero knowledge of his or her environment can survive happily in our current society. Aside from providing one with survival skills, education can also give people awareness of their rights and duties concerning their own country. Education alone is a privilege every individual is born with.

We strongly believe that every human being born in this country must at least be educated till Grade 12 (or equivalent). Education helps people to be independent, build self-confidence and pride, which are very important for a country’s development. For a country to be considered developed, it has to improve in certain areas, such as IT, private sectors, agricultural, government administration, and etc. All these developments will be realized if and only if the people are educated in these areas. When a nation’s citizens acquire sufficient knowledge in a specific area, it will be easier to bring about developmental reforms. With education on its side, any country is unstoppable from developing.

The World Bank’s imminent Education Strategy focuses on 3 core ideas: Invest early, invest smartly and invest in learning for all.

A child who has successfully acquired foundation skills results to a lifetime of learning. The traditional manner of starting in primary school takes up the challenge too late. According to science, learning should be advocated early and frequently, in and out of the formal schooling system. Currently, we implement several prenatal health and early childhood development projects that incorporate education and health to reach the said goal. In the vital years, schools are required to provide their students with foundation literacy and numeracy to achieve long-lasting learning.

Seeing outcomes needs smart investments- investments that emphasize and oversee learning, outside the limits of traditional prosody. Educational investments should prioritize quality. There are not enough resources to design policies and programs in the dark. We require proof on what functions for us to invest smartly.

Third, learning must ensure that all students, and not just the privileged and gifted, gains the knowledge and skills needed. We must minimize the walls that keep female students, disabled children, and ethnic minorities from gaining as much education as the population bodies.

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