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PhD and Post-Doc Researchers

Leslie Quitzow | June 1st, 2011

The Young Cities project is proud to attract a long list of highly qualified and motivated PhD and post-doc researchers, senior scientists and senior experts from Iran and Germany. A total of 33 research projects is currently being supervised within the Young Cities project.

The Young Cities project is consistently popular with students seeking to complete a PhD in the fields of architecutre, urban planning, structural engineering, geography or related fields. Our cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is especially attractive for non-German students.For more information see PhD and post-doc opportunities.

Our researchers regularly meet for exchange and feedback in our MENASHDoc research colloquium, which is open to all students conducting research on the Middle-East-North-Africa region. For more information including current meeting dates, please visit the MENASHDoc website.

For abstracts of the ongoing research projects, please click here.

The following PhD projects are associated with the Young Cities project:

PhD researcher

Working title of PhD project 


Haupt, Uwe

Untersuchungen von mit Mauerwerk ausgefachten Stahlrahmen in Erdbebengebieten und ihre Anwendung in der Praxis (2010)

Prof. Dr. Rückert, TU Berlin

Hossein Jasbi, Ghazaleh. S.

Analyzing Potentials and Challenges for Iranian Municipalities to Act as Key Facilitator for Energy Efficient Urban Fabric: Focus Hashtgerd New Town

Prof. Dr. Schäfer, TU Berlin

Javadi, Mahdi

Experiences with and Legal Basis of Urban Planning in Iran - Legal Backbones for Energy Efficient and Environmental Friendly Urban Fabrics

Prof. Dr. Schäfer, TU Berlin

Keshmeshtappeh, H.E.

Reuse of Water by Aquaculture and Irrigation of Public Greens in New Towns

Prof. Pahl-Weber, TU Berlin

Khalili, Mahmoudreza

Urban and Regional Planning and the Energy Efficiency Purposes – Case of Tehran-Karaj Region in Iran

Prof. Dr. Schäfer, TU Berlin

Lippke, Roland

Folien als transparente Elemente in der Fassade - Mechanische und bauphysikalische Eigenschaften, TU Berlin Universitätsverlag (2009)

Prof. Dr. Rückert, TU Berlin

Mirian, Seyed Mahmoud

Urban Design Criteria and Standards for New Towns in Iran

Prof. Dr. Schäfer, TU Berlin

Nikravan, M. Mofrad

Public Space in New Towns in Iran

Prof. Pahl-Weber, TU Berlin

Naeiji, Kamran

Design of green buildings in hot and dry urban areas - focusing on cooling performance improvement

Prof. Dr. Rückert, TU Berlin

Seelig, Sebastian

Lernen von der islamischen Stadt? Potentiale und Grenzen traditioneller Stadtstrukturen für klimasensiblen Städtebau in der Region des Mittleren Ostens und Nordafrikas

Prof. Pahl-Weber, TU Berlin

Teimourtash, Shabnam

Leitbilder nachhaltiger Architektur in semi-ariden Regionen im Iran unter Berücksichtigung traditioneller Architekt. - Wohngebäude in Hashtgerd New Town

Prof. Dr. Schäfer, TU Berlin

Vahabi Moghad-dam, Damoun

Achieving Sustainable Urban Form for Young Cities – Analysis of Design and Planning Methodologies in Developing Energy Efficient Urban Fabric

Prof. Pahl-Weber, TU Berlin

Zereian Jahromi, Alireza

Legal regulations regarding planning of high-rise buildings in Teheran region

Prof. Dr. Schäfer, TU Berlin


The following post-doc studies are being carried out within the Young Cities project:

Post-doc researcher

Working title of the project 


Falahat, Somaiyeh

Determining Regional Sustainable Urban Prototypes - A Typomorphological Approach
The case of Hashtgerd, Iran

Prof. Dr. Schäfer, Prof. Frank, TU Berlin

Ghazizadeh, Seyedeh N.

Place attachment in the young city’s neighborhood, the case study: Hashtgerd residential complexes

Prof. Dr. Schäfer, TU Berlin

Masoumi, Houshmad E.

Energy Consumption and Environmental Pollutions in Tehran-Karaj Region: Solutions from the Traditional Iranian Urban Form

Dr. Arndt, TU Berlin

Dr. Mahta

An investigation to determine characteristics of appropriate urban form for optimization of energy consumption - Case study Hashtgerd New Town

Prof. Pahl-Weber, TU Berlin

Navab, Dr. Mona

Construction Quality and Vocational Qualification - Exhibition in Hashtgerd New Town

Prof. Dr. Meyser, TU Berlin

Raheb, Dr. Ghazal

Providing a model for application of Green roof in new town of Hashtgerd by regarding to energy efficiency

Prof. Dr. Rückert, TU Berlin

Shamohamady, Parisa

The Simulation of Urban Natural Ventilator Theory for Mitigating Urban Heat Island Effects and Achieving Energy Consumption Balance: the Case of Tehran, Iran

Prof. Dr. Cubasch, FU Berlin

Shirazi, Dr.

Towards Sustainable Critical Regionalism in New Towns of Iran. Identity, Culture, and Tectonics. The Case of Hashtgerd New Town-Tehran

Prof. Pahl-Weber, TU Berlin

Tarkashvand, Dr. Abbas

Designing a Model for Transfer of New Technologies to the Hashtgerd New Town

Prof. Dr. Rückert, TU Berlin


The following short-term research projects were carried out by senior experts and senior scientists:


Title of project


Bolukian Rousari, Rouzbeh

Commercial Transport in urban areas in Iran


Dr. Arndt, TU Berlin

Fouladi Nasab, Kaveh

The Community-based Planning Framework for Participatory Slum Improvement in Rapidly Expanding Cities in Developing Countries

Dr. Dienel, TU Berlin

Farshad, Farnaz

Efficiency of participative techniques due to different formal and informal subcultures

Dr. Dienel, TU Berlin

Gharavi, Mayram

Flexible Design of Office Buildings in Iran with Economical-Climatic Efficiency Approach

Prof. Steffan, TU Berlin

Haghani, Prof. Dr.

Konzipierung eines energiebezogenen Trainingsprogramms auf der Plattform "eKompetenzzentrum EnergieBIG" (2010)

Prof. Dr. Meyser, TU Berlin

Kohansal Nodehi, Maryam

The role of professional urban planners in making Hashtgerd New Town’s urban development plans pro-poor

Dr. Dienel, TU Berlin

Monam, Dr. Alireza

Evaluation Outdoor Thermal Comfort in Young Cities; Hashtgerd, Tehran

Prof. Dr. Schäfer, TU Berlin

Nooraei, Masoudeh

Optimum U-Value of the Opaque Elements of the Envelope in Office Buildings

Prof. Steffan, TU Berlin

Samimi, Mojtaba

Analysis of Advantages & Disadvantages of the Geometry of Buildings on their Skins & the Outdoor Areas according to the Local Kind & Unkind Faces of the Sun

Prof. Steffan, TU Berlin

Yavari, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Reza


Prof. Dr. Heiland, TU Berlin

Zabihi, Maryam

The Implication and Preparation of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) for Iranian New Towns

Dr. Arndt, TU Berlin